The happiness and gratitude of a dog… anyone involved in animal rescue can tell you this picture embodies all that is positive about the rescue experience. The simple act of a dog licking your face, the look of pure happiness in its eyes, the moment that you know that you’ve made a difference – all of that can wash away the sadness, the disappointment, the tears, the heartbreak of those that you couldn’t save.

This is why I’ve created Rescue Planet. I’ve been doing web work for almost 20 yrs, but this site will be a labor of love. In the short time I’ve been involved in the rescue world, I’ve felt the need to keep doing more to help. Rescue Planet will be my way of trying to offer more help.

Rescue Planet will function as a WordPress.com for the rescue community. Rescues, shelters and others involved in the community can sign up and create their own website – just like on WordPress, but here in a community dedicated to the common goal of animal rescue. Eventually as more and more groups sign up and create their sites, Rescue Planet will become a one stop location to find many different organizations.

Rescue Planet won’t be just a place to create a website though. We’ll have forums where members of the rescue community can get together to get help, make new connections, find new volunteers or fosters, or just hang out and talk about all things rescue.

As new websites are created, we’ll begin having a Spotlight member whose site will be featured on our front page to give extra exposure. We’ll add galleries of animals awaiting adoption, needing fosters, urgent dogs from various shelters. Most importantly of all, every feature of Rescue Planet will be offered completely free of charge.

Please be patient as we roll out new features and be sure to check back often to see what we’ve added. If you have any suggestions or requests, please feel free to email us